Grief Letter Ritual Guide

Grief Letter Ritual Guide

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"Grieve. So you can be free to feel something else." - Nayyirah Waheed

No matter where we are on our journey toward personal liberation, it is essential that we uncover the condition of our hearts.

When we're feeling stuck, numb, blocked, or in a cycle of persistent emotional breakdown, it may be sign of unprocessed grief... and it's trying to get our attention to be healed.

Until we make intentional time to acknowledge the grief that we're carrying, we might find ourselves bouncing back and forth between these five stages of grief that can sound like: 

  • Denial --> avoidance, and "I'm fine. It's fine."
  • Anger --> 0-100 real quick; 
  • Bargaining --> "Well, if I just do this perfectly then..."; "Well, if I just don't talk about it then..."
  • Depression --> perpetual sadness, having trouble holding on to joy
  • Acceptance --> acknowledging that you experienced an actual loss
The Grief Letter Ritual is a personal liberation tool that I've used many times on my own healing journey, and one I use with my clients everyday. It's designed to support you in moving through your grief in a way that honors your experience and moves you toward healing - toward liberation.